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Camera crews swarmed an the Historic District in Savannah, GA, Monday morning to begin filming an upcoming movie starring Kristen Stewart.

Playtone productions announced in September it had approved the production of “Lizzie,” a film that examines the days leading up to the infamous Borden family murders and the trial of Lizzie Borden in 1892

The crew of about 100 filmed scenes during its first week in production at the Historic District.

The production schedule was delayed about a week because of Hurricane Matthew, according to Craig William Macneill, director of the movie. Other film sites the crew discussed with city staff include Wragg Square, The Mills House and the Gaillard Center, but permits haven’t been issued yet since the storm put things “in flux,” Macneill said.

Steward plays Lizzie Borden, described as “a troubled women, whose dark skeletons played a role in her family’s death.” The film’s co-star, Chloë Sevigny, starred in the hit movie “Boys Don’t Cry”.

Playtone productions said this is its largest production in Savannah, GA.


The Georgia Department of Parks, Recreation & Tourism’s Film Commission said last month Playtone Production has opened an office in Savannah to prepare for the project.

The production expects to be working in the Georgia for about a month and a half, he said.