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5. This is Your Brain on Music

The mixture of science and creativity is the beauty of Daniel J. Levitin’s This Is Your Brain on Music: The Science of a Human Obsession. Levitin discusses how music is perceived by us and those around us, how and why musical tastes form, and what it takes to make a great song. He approaches this all from a scientific perspective, resulting in a compelling book from start to finish. Retail New $150. Read Free on Scribd!

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4. All You Need to Know About the Music Business

The essential guide to the music industry, All You Need to Know About the Music Business is in its eighth edition. The book covers every topic from changes over the past two decades to music lawyers, marketing your band, and how to be successful in the music industry. As one of the top music lawyers in the US, Donald Passman’s advice is worth the read. Read Free!

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3. The Music Lesson

Written by Grammy-winning, legendary bassist Victor L. Wooten, The Music Lesson tells the story of a struggling young musician who meets a philosophical teacher. The teacher guides the student on a spiritual journey, teaching him the gifts of life through music. This is the perfect book for finding motivation and strength. Read Free!

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2. The Inner Game of Music

By the best-selling co-author of Inner Tennis, here’s a book designed to help  musicians overcome obstacles, help improve  concentration, and reduce nervousness, allowing them to  reach new levels of performing excellence and  musical artistry. Read Free!

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1. Songwriting: the Essential Guide to Lyric Form and Structure

Veteran songwriter Pat Pattison has taught many of Berklee College of Music’s best and brightest students how to write truly great lyrics. Her helpful guide contains essential information on lyric structures, timing and placement, and exercises to help everyone from beginners to seasoned songwriters say things more effectively and gain a better understanding of their craft. Read Free!

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