Finding a job is hard. Finding a job without a technical degree is even harder.

I’m sure you’ve heard technical degrees are in demand.

Colleges, career counselors, job boards, and everyone else tell you to pursue a technical degree.

They told you technical degrees would get you better paying jobs.

They told you about the shortage for qualified technical degrees.

And let’s face it… it’s true.

Technology is evolving so quickly. One year for a Liberal Arts majors is 30 years in terms of technology advancing. Unsurprisingly, there will be a huge demand for technical jobs for years to come.

What about Liberal Arts Degrees?

Most Liberal Arts graduates decided to pursue an Environmental degree that resonates with their hobbies, a Mass Communications  that stimulates their creative desires, a Sociology degree that follows their passions, a Political Science degree that prepares them for a challenging doctoral degree, and etc. You’ve been told the unforgiving job market won’t appreciate your passion and creativity.

But is there really a shortage of jobs for those majors?

The answer is no. The high salary, in-demand jobs that require your skill-set are just not being published to the big name job boards.

The Loophole

Here’s the twist.

Obviously, there are less liberal arts jobs than technical jobs. But as of 2017 independent research shows, there are enough liberal arts job vacancies to employ every liberal arts degree holder and still have approximately 209,000 vacant Liberal Arts job vacancies left.

“The jobs just aren’t being published.”

The big name job boards make money from jobs referrals. For every employer that finds a qualified applicant, the referring job board receives anywhere from $25 to $10k.

And guess which job referrals make the most money…

The technology jobs make most.

So job boards are inclined – for business purposes – to focus more on technical jobs. Their algorithm will underhandedly make sure you see the technical jobs at least three times during one job search.

Not only that.

The employers who are looking for your skill-set have migrated to job boards that focus exclusively on your degree. (Why state jobs have a completely separate job board.)

The Solution

You must find job boards that monetize their businesses in ways other than referrals. That way the job boards can show job openings fairly, while actually helping the forgotten job applicants.

There are two recognized jobs boards that have the Liberal Arts’ best interest at heart


WantaNewCareer is the job board for non-technical degree holders to skyrocket their career.

You’ll find jobs for creative ventures, political, non-profit, social media, paid internships for arts, journalism careers, etc. There are millions of careers for Liberal Arts majors guaranteed. They have even purposely excluded all technical jobs because they understand the big job boards’ business models and the pain of having a degree, but being unemployed or under-employed.

They require that you create a quick, official resume during sign up. Because there are millions of jobs and you’ll get a good-paying, salaried career in no time, guaranteed! They  also don’t allow any entry level jobs under 35K/year.

After signing up with WantaNewCareer you’ll be calling your family in no time telling them – you really did choose the right undergraduate degree.

2. Beyond Jobs

Beyond Jobs has a number of liberal arts jobs also. They have 3 times as many liberal arts jobs as Indeed, yet Beyond Jobs has less jobs overall. Beyond jobs’ listings mostly cater to environmental sciences. So this is the perfect option for Biology, Chemistry, Physical Science, etc.

Sign up with one of these job boards and lose the “useless degree syndrome”!