Sierra Leone, Georgia, and South Carolina

South Carolina and Georgia still embrace “Gullah” culture – even in 2017. The southeast coast kept the most African culture of any other slave territory in America.

There are a number of other parts of African culture still lingering around Georgia and South Carolina – with culture exactly that of Sierra Leone, such as:

  • fishing farming communities
  • make African-style handicrafts such as baskets
  • and enjoy a rich cuisine based primarily on rice


Charleston, SC and the rest of the east coast were all perfect climate for growing the best rice in the 1600s. Its moist atmosphere became the center of rice cultivation. America’s southeast coast had undeniably similar climate to Sierra Leone.

Africans in Sierra Leone knew how to grow rice best. The slave owners knew this and exploited this fact and most slaves in Georgia and South Carolina came from Sierra Leone.

Eventually slave owners only desired slaves from the Sierra Leone and began offering substantially more money for Sierra Leoneans and Gambians

It’s important that you remember these are our brothers and sisters and; for some reason, they were given a different life than us.

But we can still help them! Help them now.


They always said blacks came from Africa but never say which part.