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Disturbing facts about Puerto Rico’s current situation:

1) 3.4 million US citizens live in Puerto Rico, and they are entitled to the same government response as any state. But half of Americans don’t even know that.

2) Hurricane Maria was like a 50-mile-wide tornado that made a direct hit on the island

3) There’s not enough water or food on the island. Power will be out for months in some places.

Exact statistics are unknown because communication from the Island is broken

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4) Fresh water is scarce

This is very unsanitary. Can you image not having water to wash your hands, to wash away bacteria.

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5) Cellphone towers are knocked out

6) Most hospitals are running on generators with limited fuel

Most of the hospitals are open but they have limited function.

7) Farms are decimated.

Puerto Rico residents’s are starving – becoming more and more malnourished by the day.

8) Weather radar is down, making it harder to forecast new storms.

Although Hurricane season is almost over, we’ve had exceptionally huge storms in October in the past.

9) It’s hard to get a flight off the island

10) Puerto Rico’s economy is in shambles, and the storm will make it worse

Please, please donate what you can.

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Save The Children is on the ground now in Puerto Rico, and plans to be “for the months ahead.” The charity is asking for monetary donations and not supplies because “cash allows us to target the response as we see needs come up — then we’re able to distribute goods in a way that has the greatest impact. What we wouldn’t want to have happen is for there to be things donated with the best of intentions and then as the needs evolve we can’t use them,” says Taylor.