If you’ve ever started a new job you know how important it is to get benefits. We’ve grown accustomed to the thought of a good job is one having benefits, i.e. health, life, dental insurance.

While health insurance has become mandatory due to the Affordable Care Act – where you can compare rates here. – a perfect fit for your new job. Life insurance is not so much necessary.

There are pros and cons to getting you’re employer’s benefits. A lot of time you’re employer will have cheaper benefits but they don’t cover at much. Other times you can independently shop around and find the best insurance for you when starting a new job.

Lemonade Life Insurance offers the most comprehensive coverage you can ask for. Not only is their term life insurance second to none, there website has become remarkably user friendly and their process is completely online.

If you are starting as a temp employee we encourage you to sign up for Lemonade Life Insurance. Or better put, it’s a MUST that you get life insurance. That way you don’t have to worry about not being covered when your contract ends. You don’t have to worry about stranger’s burying you via a GoFundMe when you die. Nor do you have to worry about the hassle of speaking to a salesman. You’re free to make you’re own decision.

The longer you wait the more your insurance will cost! They must have you sign up by November 22, 2017 to get your rates locked in – if you are starting a job in 2017!

Remember this is your personal on-boarding package. Be responsible for your life. Your parents would be proud!

Choose your insurance here.